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Gone are the days in which we counted on the McNay for a genteel air befitting the ’09 ladies-who-lunch set, and for a tasteful but minor collection of post-Impressionist works. The exuberant Stieren Wing opened the space wide, the collection’s growing larger and more challenging, Mr. Barrilleaux brings the contemporary bien cierto, and dammitalltohell if they’re not having a T-shirt design contest. The guidelines are varied, and many — se prohibe use of images of any of the McNay’s collection; appearance of the words “McNay Art Museum” are requested but not mandatory; no design on the back — but I’m not gonna go through all the rules; y’all can check for that. Instead, T-SHIRT DESIGN SUGGESTIONS: 1. Caricature of famed German anti-war artist Kathe Kollwitz pissing on the Alamo. 2. Can of Goya frijoles negros con thought bubble reading “I <3 the McNay!” 3. A representation of Iron Maiden zombie mascot “Eddie the ‘Edd” contemplating a Rodin sculpture, subheaded “HEAVY METAL.” 4. A hand turkey. 5. Hannah Montana sur l‘herbe. That should get you going.

Take any of these ideas for free; you don’t even have to credit us. What, you got something better? Well, submit it by the 22nd. Look, we even gave you extra time before the deadline. MAKE IT WORK! — Sarah Fisch

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