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Richie Budd is a gas. If you left the house at all last summer, you probably saw his ecto-plastic sculptures, globs that feed on consumerist popular culture. Permeating exhibitions in and around Blue Star during our hottest months, their gluttonous masses let off bursts of white smoke like a pressure-relieving belch after a heavy meal, making people laugh at the unexpected spraying.

Artist Richie Budd on the day job, which bears a striking similarity to his sculpture, in action below.

Recontextualized, Budd’s own impishly nice personality begins to take on a bit of elfin magic around the holiday season. In another installment of “Truth is Stranger than Fiction,” Budd is working as a perfume mister (that’s Mister Perfume to you) at Foley’s in Southcross Mall. With a name like Richie Budd, he already sounds like a fabulous fragrance—Fleur Riche maybe, or Costly Blossom. It’s a Christmas miracle that he found work where he can appear out of nowhere and spray you with fragrance, jetting sweet-smelling clouds at tired shoppers with one squeeze of his atomizer. Art imitating life is okay for most of the year, but life imitating art is what I call holiday entertaining.

Catherine Walworth