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Although I am far too old for such nonsense, I still judge how good my New Year's Eve celebrations are by the intensity of my hangovers. This year's was a good one.

Instead of celebrating with the masses in HemisFair Park (I get a little wigged out by crowds that large), I opted for a few smaller parties that had me criss-crossing the city. The first offered a collection of car buffs, former family, retired military officers and an extended network of acquaintances brought together by the promise of a personal fireworks show, as the house is located outside the city limits.

The second event was in full-swing, with a crowd of friends, acquaintances and familiar faces, including Carly Hitchcock, co-owner of Carissa boutique, and Tim Patrick from Creative Civilization, who I also saw at Lazlo Rain Production's Christmas party the week prior. It was the first time I had visited proprietor and party host Tom Nador's studio nestled amid oak trees. Broadcast production is not my forte, so I was easily dazzled. However, those in the biz, including several crewmen and stylists I met that evening, say Tom's studio is a little piece of LA in SA.

The third and final New Year's Eve party was an experience like no other. Friends Starley Murray, a national image consultant and make-up artist, and her husband, Kelly Odom, joined us for a black-and-white-themed gala at the home of hairstylist Karlos. His spectacular abode sent me into sensory overload with its lavish décor and the equally lavish party guests. The crowd was a black-and-white bedecked blend of gay and straight, young and old, reveling in Karlos' hospitality. Right before midnight guests gathered poolside for an impressive mini-fireworks show followed by the countdown and a champagne toast. I was thrilled to run into Chauncey -- who's last name I have yet to secure -- and learned he's been admitted into the Culinary Institute of America and will likely start his education at the school's new campus under construction near downtown.

By Beverly Ingle