Aziz Ansari

When: Thu., Nov. 8, 7 & 9:30 p.m. 2018

It’s been nearly 10 months since allegations against comedian Aziz Ansari surfaced from an anonymous woman who said she felt “pressured” to engage in sexual activity with him during a date last fall. Ansari has called the sexual activity “completely consensual” while the woman said she was “giving off cues that [she] wasn’t interested.” Since the accusations, opinions on the matter have been polarizing. Feminist author Jessica Valenti tweeted that “what the culture considers normal sexual encounters are … oftentimes harmful.” Female New York Times opinion columnist Bari Weiss called the claims “arguably the worst thing that has happened to the #MeToo movement since it began.” The Atlantic writer Caitlin Flanagan wrote that there seems to be “a whole country full of young women who don’t know how to call a cab.” So, where does this leave Ansari and his career? Will fans embrace him on what is essentially a comeback tour? Netflix announced in June that they would like to work with him on a new season of Master of None, so maybe he’s using these stand-up performances to test the waters. There really are only two things he can do: sink or swim.

Price: $42.50-$68.50