"Beauties from Beyond"

When: Sat., Feb. 18, 7-10 p.m. 2017

Retrofuturism, sexy superheroines and galactic fantasies collide in the wild and wonderful work of Mike Fisher, a local artist who unsurprisingly believes “that anything made after 1979 is crap.” A pulpy pastiche influenced by ’50s, ’60s and ’70s sci-fi and specifically “Wonder Woman, Deep Space Vixen and Interstellar Megahottie,” Fisher’s nostalgic, gory and slightly naughty inclinations don’t exactly factor into the news graphics he’s created for The Augusta Chronicle, The Charlotte Observer and, for the last decade, the San Antonio Express-News. Also the fearless leader of the solo operation Goofa Man Productions (which releases short, independent videos), Fisher reportedly spends an ungodly number of hours on each of his signature creations. “These drawings are beasts to create,” he told us. “So it has to be a drawing of something I would actually feel guilty about if I didn’t finish ... like a beautiful woman with candy cane hair!” In addition to said space-age candy striper, Fisher’s new exhibition of 20-plus “fantastic females” features the artist’s first ever mermaid, who’ll be on view at Black Moon Gallery “along with her pet.”

Price: Free