Bernie Bro Running for Joaquin Castro's Congressional Seat Has Twitter Meltdown After Wishing Cancer on Barack Obama 

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Ah, the epic Twitter meltdown, a tradition now entrenched in the American political landscape. The latest and greatest from the San Anto Twittersphere is an online freakout by perennial Bernie Sanders retweeter and self-proclaimed "organizer, cooperative manager and socialist" Justin Lecea, a relatively unknown candidate who's seeking to unseat Texas 20th Congressional District incumbent Joaquin Castro in next March's primary. His strategy? To tell Barack Obama (in a now-deleted tweet — helpfully preserved via screenshot) that "Obamacare is pointless and your entire presidency was a waste" and "If god was just you would get the most malignant cancer imaginable." While his meltdown has certainly nabbed him notoriety, we doubt it'll help his prospects on the ballot. 
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Twitter / @A_Bro_LIncoln
The O.G. offending tweet, screenshotted by @A_Bro_LIncoln.
Although he dirty-deleted his original missive, he made a point to tweet that he's certainly not sorry for "wishing cancer on Obama." In fact, he's the perfect person to do so, since he knows just how bad cancer can be!
The meltdown continues with some commentary on Obama's status as a privileged war criminal.
@LaurieinPhilly helpfully points out that it was Obama's own experience with cancer in his family that inspired him to "fight for the ACA."
Meanwhile, @RunAlWhite offers Lecea a snack.
@johnsonemilyp, @hjessy_ and @A_Bro_LIncoln theorize about Lecea's plans for working with fellow politicians.
"Professional American" @A_Bro_LIncoln has come with the receipts
@A_Bro_LIncoln shows us that Lecea has it out for Buttigieg, too.
@AndrewSolender is not here for Lecea's weak-sauce "don't @ me, bro" defense.
@NotThattKellyAnn is fascinated by Lecea's campaign strategy.
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Uh oh — Lecea is also now on Buttigieg supporters' radar.
@Geeze_Louise weighs in with what many people are likely thinking.
@JennfromBim brings Billy Madison into it.
@KevinLBedfordSr is concerned about Texas' water quality.
@pcrritesgood wonders what other kinds of misfortune would serve as suitable punishments for living in Martha's Vineyard.
And @lexiwallace spikes the ball by pointing out that Obamacare saved her brother's life when he got cancer.
Twitter / @A_Bro_LIncoln
The O.G. offending tweet, screenshotted by @A_Bro_LIncoln.

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