Best Bar Food

Sanchos Cantina & Cocina

Winner: Sanchos Cantina & Cocina

628 Jackson St.

(210) 320-1840

Bar food may have the reputation of being overly greasy and under seasoned, but that's not the case at Sanchos. Though prized for its happy hour margaritas and rooftop patio, the bar serves up a respectable selection of Mexican dishes. You won't just find an uninspired plate of tacos or bowl of mediocre salsa here. And when it comes to nachos, Sanchos offers 11 different varieties, from carnitas and camaron to bistec and lengua guisada, not to mention a few vegetarian options such as the calabaza y elote. The sausage balls (or the shrimp balls, if you're fancy) and the empanadas make for great sharing at the table. Whether you're trying to sober up a bit before heading home or are looking for delicious grub to savor with your drinks, this neighborhood joint continues to draw raves for its entrees and small plates alike.

2. Oak Hills Tavern

7920 Fredericksburg Road

(210) 614-8855

3. The Esquire Tavern

155 E. Commerce St.

(210) 222-2521

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