Best Best-Looking Bartenders

Readers' Choice

1. Richard Hunter at Oak Hills Tavern
7920 Fredericksburg, (210) 614-8855

When informed that many people had voted him the “best-looking bartender” in San Antonio, Richard Hunter said, “What? Like, as a joke?” We don’t know, hon, but our brief interaction convinced us that Hunter is a ’tender to be recognized, smoldering bedroom eyes or no. This cutie’s unfailingly friendly and helpful to his Tavern patrons and exudes a charisma that has likely caused many a customer to get all twitterpated, whether Hunter knows it or not. So, if you’re looking for mere eye candy to quench your thirst, your quest may be ongoing, but if you want a bartender you can actually see a future with, you’ll wanna hook up with Hunter.

2. Big Hops Growler Station
Multiple locations,

3. Blue Box Bar
312 Pearl Pkwy, (210) 227-2583,

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