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1. Nine Tails
4522 Fredericksburg, (210) 330-8690,

Every once in a while you find one of those unforgettable little shops. You know the kind: It features items that are equal parts unique and nostalgic, that tug at something inside you, conjuring all sorts of memories and experiences. Nine Tails is one of those places. From their assortment of collectible figurines and video game memorabilia to their Japanimation movies and Hello Kitty accessories, the place is like an altar to Japanese pop culture—one you’ll want to go back to time and again, even if just to see what new, quirky merchandise is on display.

2. TIE: Love Shack Boutique
1580 Babcock, (210) 767-9411,

Shades of Love
300 W Bitters, Ste 150,
(210) 494-3006,

3. Ooples
7460 Callaghan, Ste 410, (210) 370-3203,

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