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Best CBD Oils: Ultimate Buying Guide


If you’re confused about what to look for when buying CBD oil, CBD gummies or any other CBD products, you’re not alone. A lack of regulation within the CBD industry has made the whole market a bit like the Wild West. CBD sits in a gray area of legality, and consequently the FDA does little to ensure the safety of the products.

A 2017 study indicated that nearly 70 percent of the products on the market are mislabeled. Though it has been over three years since that study was conducted, little has changed except the number of companies out there vying for your business.

The 2018 Farm Bill made the farming, harvesting and processing of industrial hemp legal. Overnight, new CBD companies exploded onto the market. Today, thousands of brands are making bold claims and using careless methods to manufacture their products. Since the marketing for every brand is ostensibly geared toward your wellness, regardless of quality, it can be difficult to tell the brands apart.

Not all CBD is created equal, however, and some brands are safer than others. Among the safer brands, there are a few that rise to the top. To make your shopping experience smoother, we’ve compiled a list of the best CBD oil companies in the industry. These companies make your safety and wellness their top priority while creating the most innovative, high-quality CBD you can find.

These companies use only hemp grown in the United States, where the USDA has been carefully monitoring the growing and harvesting of industrial hemp since the Farm Bill went into effect. The tight restrictions on hemp farms make products a little more expensive, but they ensure your safety, as hemp grown in other countries may not provide any oversight whatsoever.

The companies on this list don’t just have outstanding reputations; they also have rigorous quality standards with documentation to back up the purity and potency of their products. Every company here makes the third-party independent lab verified certificate of analysis for each CBD batch readily available, and some even make it possible to trace your CBD every step of the way, from seed to sale.

Before we get to the list, it’s important to note that the formulas for CBD vary.
  • CBD isolate contains nothing but CBD. All other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are removed, and there is no THC whatsoever. This is the safest formula to take if you are concerned about drug screenings for work.
  • Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including THC. This formula will give you the famous “entourage” effect, which is the benefit of all the cannabinoids working together. All of the companies listed below use industrial hemp for their CBD, which means the most THC they will ever contain is 0.3 percent. This is not enough to produce psychoactive effects.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD gives you the best of both worlds. You get the entourage effect, but the THC has been removed.
And now, without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Penguin CBD
  • Photo Credit: Penguin CBD
Formula: Broad Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 8.3mg to 33.3mg

The Penguin CBD team is made up of experts across all fields involved in the production of CBD. From farm to lab, the makers of Penguin CBD have your wellness in mind at every step of the way.

They start with sourcing their hemp from their farms in Oregon, and they use a special CO2 extraction process that keeps your CBD as pure as the plant itself. Nothing gets sent to the consumer without the final step: third-party lab tests to verify purity and potency.

When you buy CBD oil from Penguin CBD, you can be confident you are making the right choice. They make all of their lab results readily available online, and they are dedicated to transparency so you can stay as chill as their mascot with superior-quality CBD.

All of Penguin CBD’s products are made with these principles in mind. Whether you go for their CBD capsules on busy days, their CBD gummies for a midafternoon snack or their CBD cream to protect your skin when you’re having fun in the sun, Penguin CBD has what it takes to help you “keep calm and waddle on.”

2. Sunday Scaries
  • Photo Credit: Sunday Scaries
Formula: Broad Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 10mg

If you need to take the edge off while you’re trying to relax for the weekend, look no further than Sunday Scaries. This brand was established in 2017 by Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt, a pair of bartenders from San Diego who became CBD advocates after they discovered its stress-relieving properties. They approach CBD with a laid-back attitude and a cheeky sense of humor.

Sunday Scaries makes their CBD oil in a single 500mg strength. It’s a broad-spectrum extract enhanced with vitamins B12 and D3, as well as organic stevia for sweetness. Their perfectly balanced formula is guaranteed to make your stress melt away. You can either buy it a bottle at a time, or join their monthly subscription plan for a generous discount.

3. Plus+CBD
  • Photo Credit: Plus+CBD
Formula: Full Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 8.3mg to 25mg

Founded in 2012, Plus+CBD was one of the first hemp-derived CBD companies to enter the market. They have focused on innovation, verification and education since the beginning, and are one of the only brands to have published research regarding the efficacy of their CBD.

Plus+CBD has one of the widest selections of CBD products on the market today. Their CBD oil comes in three special formulas, all of which use full-spectrum CBD. The Gold Drops are their standard CBD oil and offer the most concentrated doses in their line, the Total Plant Complex drops are made with a lower concentration and have no added flavors, and their Raw formula drops offer the fullest spectrum of whole plant components, including CBD as well as CBDA.

4. Charlotte’s Web
  • Photo Credit: Charlotte’s Web
Formula: Full Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 7mg to 60mg

Charlotte’s Web started with the story of a young girl named Charlotte Figi, who suffered from relentless seizures. The seven Stanley brothers knew that people had been experimenting with using CBD oil to reduce seizures, and they wanted to help. They started searching for the ideal strain of hemp, with CBD extracted in just the right way, to support young Charlotte’s neurological health.

The formula they created is still available on their website today, but they also offer CBD oil extracted with a CO2 method for people who prefer lower doses or milder flavors. One of the most convenient things about buying CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web is that their dose per dropper is right in the name of each concentration level, so there is no math involved in your decision-making.

5. Joy Organics
  • Photo Credit: Joy Organics
Formula: Broad Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 7.5mg to 45mg

Joy Organics co-founder Joy Smith struggled with sleep and other issues, and could not get relief until she tried CBD. She was overjoyed to find a product that could help her with her symptoms without negative side effects, but she became frustrated when she found out how inconsistent the typical product on the market was. That’s when she and her family decided to start their own CBD company that focused on making a product customers could count on.

Joy Organics is one of the most trusted CBD brands on the market today. They carry a full line of products to support your well-being. Their CBD oils are among the best in the industry, and they come in four doses for your convenience.

6. Medterra
  • Photo Credit: Medterra
Formula: CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD + CBG
Dose per Dropper: 16.67mg to 100mg

All of Medterra’s products are made with the customer in mind. They seek to create the most effective products, and they won’t stop until they find a product that suits every person and every pet.

Medterra’s selection of CBD oil is unique, in that they offer oils made with CBD isolate as well as oils made with broad-spectrum CBD. Their broad-spectrum CBD formula also includes the CBG cannabinoid, which is sometimes called the “mother of all cannabinoids.”

7. Green Roads
  • Photo Credit: Green Roads
Formula: Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 7mg to 58mg

A group of people with diverse professional backgrounds — including a pharmacist with 25 years’ experience — makes up the team at Green Roads. Their passion is in advocacy and education, and transparency is one of the most important concepts in their business model. Green Roads has won numerous consumer-advocacy awards. They make it a priority to give back to their communities, and helped bring the Hemp Pilot Research Program to Florida.

Green Roads CBD oils come in a variety of doses. There is something for everyone, from the novice to the expert CBD user, and their dosing plunger makes measuring out your dose more precise than the typical dropper.

8. CBDistillery
  • Photo Credit: CBDistillery
Formula: CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 8.3mg to 167mg

CBDistillery wants to make sure you are completely informed about CBD and its uses, so they published the Ultimate CBD User Guide. They are passionate about steering CBD away from being the latest health craze and positioning it where it belongs — as a way of life.

CBDistillery’s products are all ISO 9001 certified, meaning that their manufacturing processes are as consistent as possible. Their CBD oils carry some of the highest doses available, for people who need stronger concentrations to combat more severe problems.

9. Lazarus Naturals
  • Photo Credit: Lazarus Naturals
Formula: Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate
Dose per Dropper: 15mg and 50mg

Lazarus Naturals grows most of the hemp used in their products on their own farm, which allows them to know exactly the growing and harvesting practices used for the plants in their CBD. Even so, they run testing on their products through every stage in the manufacturing process before they send the final batch out to be tested at an independent third-party lab. This guarantees the purest products on the market.

Lazarus Naturals offers something no other brand on this list does: larger bottles. Most other companies only carry their CBD oils in one-ounce bottles, and sometimes you can find them in two-ounce bottles. Lazarus Naturals has you covered for a couple of months at a time with bottle sizes that go up to four ounces.

10. Kat’s Naturals
  • Photo Credit: Kat’s Naturals
Formula: Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum
Dose per Dropper: 10mg to 50mg

Kat Merryfield is a nutritionist who has specialized in herbal medicine for over a decade. She is determined to use the power of plants to help people heal themselves, and to heal her community in the process.

Based in Tennessee, Kat’s Naturals sources all of its organic hemp from farms in the southeastern United States. They have even worked with some farms to convert from tobacco to hemp. They are deeply involved in their community, supporting local farmers and giving back wherever they can.

Kat’s Naturals CBD oils are precisely formulated for specific effects, and they include infusions of other types of oils to support your wellness. Their products include ingredients to help you relax, restore and balance. When you need an extra kick of energy, try their Metabolize formula. It includes CBG in addition to CBD, and is infused with organic grapefruit, lemon, ginger, peppermint and cinnamon oils to give you the boost you need to get through even the most grueling days.


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