Best Cheap Drinks


WINNER: Brass Monkey

2702 N. St. Mary's St. • (210) 480-4722

Good ol' Brass. When you've got $15 to your name and have to wash down the week's worth of work-related bullshit, there's always 75-cent wells to help ease you onto the dance floor during Thurzgayz with VJ Glitoris. Need to get straight to the point of no return? There's a $2 Fireball for that. The rest of the weekend doesn't deviate much further than these steals with specials hovering just at the $3 mark and $2 "anything" being the special du jour on Sundays. The St. Mary's Strip staple offers plenty of options for boozing whether you want to chill on the patio or pick a new grinding partner inside. Go ahead and double up on those 75-cent well pours — you deserve it. Bonus: You'll still have plenty left for an order of mini asada tacos from El Regio down the street.

2. Hi-Tones

621 E. Dewey Pl. •

3. Pegasus Nightclub

1402 N. Main Ave.

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