Best Children's Store

WINNER: The DoSeum gift shop

2800 Broadway • (210) 212-4453

> Children's stores, even modest ones, can offer a kind of magic to visitors, whether they're browsing, buying or doing a bit of both. There's a sense of learning coupled with innocent joy and imagination, which is hard to find elsewhere. The DoSeum gift shop is a fine purveyor of this magical, nearly ineffable feeling of possibility. If you visit the shop after a few hours in The DoSeum, your mind is already primed for the thrill of discovery and the purposeful, experimental experience of quality play. And, as a children's store, The DoSeum gift shop is chock-full of toys, gadgets, puzzles, games, models and kits, all unique and all with an educational bent. Among the store's most novel and popular items are pre-made gift sets (designed by Retail Operations Manager Christa Simpson and her staff), customizable for age, interest and learning focus. Whether you're looking for a gift for a special child in your life or just looking to experience a truly awesome children's store, stop on by The DoSeum gift shop and prepare to be wowed. Note: it is not necessary to pay the admission for The DoSeum if you just want to pop into the shop.

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