Best Cigar Shop


1. Club Humidor
Multiple locations,

We all know that smoking cigarettes is stupid, but it would be a crying shame if there were no cigars in the world. And pipes, too. They’re both made for tasting, not vacuuming in, the smoke of the heavenly leaf that Native Americans wisely reserved for special occasions. Candy-flavored cheap cigars are to be had at any corner store, but you’d do best to avoid that junk and go for the real thing: Arturo Fuentes, made in the Dominican Republic, or their premium brand, Ashton, or maybe a nice maduro from Jamaica. Club Humidor has these, and dozens more.

2. Cigar Pointe
19186 Blanco, Ste. 101, (210) 888-2933,

3. Finck’s Cigar Factory Outlet
6100 West Avenue, (210) 341-8888,

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