Best Cocktail Bar

WINNER: Paramour

102 9th St., Suite 400 • (210) 340-9880

Mistress, lover, sideboo. Paramour might hearken thoughts of illicit affairs, but San Antonio has decidedly made its latest rooftop bar its main squeeze. Housed on the fourth floor of The Phipps and loftily sitting atop several attorney law offices, Paramour took long enough to open (something like 10 months since it was first announced), but the wait was more than worth it. It's not all in the bougie view, sprawling patio and plush seating, sharply dressed bartenders (most of which you'll recognize from Bohanan's and other area cocktail bars), wino's wet dream wine list or the exquisite people-watching (seriously, who GOES here?), either. The cocktails, created by a handful of managers and all bearing cheeky monikers such as the Insignificant Other, Forever Single or No New Friends, are the perfect accessory for rooftop sipping. Cuddle up to your paramour on one of the neon leather couches, sip a barrel-aged offering (all aged at least a year) and toast to SA's Best Cocktail Bar of 2016.

2. The Esquire Tavern

155 E. Commerce St. • (210) 222-2521

3. The Brooklynite

516 Brooklyn Ave. • (210) 444-0707

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