Best Designer


1. Crissy Baker (Nerd Alert),

It all started with an Ewok dress. Crissy Baker (pictured with Nerd Alert, second from left) saw a need in San Antonio for her fellow geek girls to represent themselves and their obsessions. T-shirts just weren’t cutting it. Says Baker, “Being a proud nerd can get tricky for girls. It’s a mostly male-dominated culture, and there just aren’t a lot of ways to be a part of it while being feminine, unless you’re in full costume. Our clothes are meant to give girls the option of being stylish while still showing that deep love for all things geeky.” In addition to comic con-worthy ensembles, Nerd Alert produces sweet vintage-style dresses in quirky patterns from Ghostbusters to The Evil Dead. Baker and her three co-designers have been so successful they’ve gone offline to catch up and start a new collection. Look for their new online store in the next month. Design long and prosper.

2. Samantha Plasencia

3. Agosto Cuellar

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