Best Director (Theater)


WINNER: Greg Hinojosa

This descendent of the old carpas of San Antonio has done his ancestors proud, starring in, directing and packing the house in productions that have left his audiences shivering with anticipation. For nearly four years, Hinojosa served as artistic director of the Woodlawn Theatre, where he infused innovation with a wide range of classic spectacles and raised the bar for what his audiences could expect from live theater. From a Tarzan that swung over the audience, to a Mary Poppins that flew with the aid of her umbrella, to an impressive lineup of celebrity drag queens in his infamous Halloween productions of The Rocky Horror Show, there's no such thing as impossible on his stage. Hinojosa stepped down from his position at the Woodlawn back in December; however, with theatric bloodlines that run as thick as his, there's no doubt he'll be titillating audiences again soon.

2. Marisela Barrera

3. Michael Burger

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