WINNER: Texas T Pub

121 Broadway • (210) 271-1058

OK, so, maybe, occasionally, while draining a tallboy or tossing back a tequila shot you might get a little whiff of poo. If that's a problem for you ... don't let the door hit ya on your way out of the lime-piss-green bar on Broadway. Positioned next to a haberdashery (that's distinguished) and just down the street from its sister-in-squalor, the Traveler's Hotel, the Texas T Pub has cheap drinks, a big-screen TV, a digital one-armed bandit, peanuts and chips, pool tables and an internet jukebox. What more do you want from a local dive? Unfortunately, the $30-a-night Traveler's Hotel was recently purchased and will soon be "upgraded" to a luxury hotel, so what better way to say goodbye to the infamous flophouse that you most likely never stayed in (and say hello to Downtown gentrification) than lamenting its departure with some seriously economical drinks and a friendly bar staff ... at 9 a.m.?

2. Joey's

2417 N. St. Mary's St. • (210) 733-9573

3. Hi-Tones

621 E. Dewey Pl.

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