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Our Pick: Rod Dog’s Saloon, 2617 Wagon Wheel St., (210) 828-2582,

There is so much to love about Rod Dog’s Saloon that makes it the best dive bar in San Antonio: the real dart boards (not the electronic type), the book collection by the bathroom that features a solid Tom Clancy collection, the interior design that looks somewhat like a motel lodging area, and of course, Rod Dog’s mascot — a drunken, droopy dog. Whether you’re looking for a place to drink alone or you happen upon Rod Dog’s Saloon during a dive bar tour with friends, this place has every part of the equation for a great night. Count on cheap drinks, good vibes, friendly bar staff and a scenic view of Loop 410 from the bar’s front patio. And, like every reliable dive bar, you’ll find a pool table, a popcorn machine and if you’re lucky, you’ll run into someone selling delicious tamales in the parking lot.

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