Best DIY House Venue

1. That Place Off Evergreen

Established as That Place Off Evergreen in 2010, the top floor of the two-story house with chipped white paint has played host to its fair share of SA’s bands, punk rockers, hipsters, and gangsters. Tenants Daniel Zamarripa and Josh Vera came up with the concept. Vera said, “We’re just two people with a house. It’s the community that makes Evergreen, Evergreen.” The two slowly began booking bands from the usual locals (the Last Nighters, Lonely Horse, Deer Vibes) to national acts such as New York’s The Dig and Indianapolis’ Hotfox. Unfortunately the house (as a venue) has recently been on hiatus due to complaints from their last way-over-capacity party of Halloween 2012. Zamarripa says he plans to book bands soon but would like to lay low for a while.

2. The Tofu House

3. Riff Raff Supper Club

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