Best Doula

1. Tina Castellanos
(210) 888-2149,

In the case of pregnancy, familiarity often breeds (excuse the pun) security. For first-time mothers, or women wanting a change from a previous birth experience, a good referral can make all the difference. In fact, that’s how doula Tina Castellanos gets many of her clients — “they say they see my name everywhere.” Probably because, honestly, Castellanos strives to offer enough services to be a “one stop shop” for women — from natural childbirth counselor to doula to breastfeeding educator. Castellanos prides herself on working with families from pregnancy through the birth, on to lactation support, and even answering questions as children grow. Already trained as a Bradley Natural Childbirth Instructor, by the Doulas of North America, and as an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, she is currently enrolled at the University of Texas School of Public Health, pursuing a Masters degree in Maternal and Child Health.

2. Xelina Flores-Chasnoff
(210) 259-9581,

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