Best Drag Queen/King


1. Erica Andrews (1969-2013)

If you search Google images for “Erica Andrews,” the top hits show the late performer winning Miss International Queen in Thailand and posing on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s safe to say Andrews, who was born Eddie Salazar and passed away from a lung infection in March, would’ve wanted these Cinderella moments to come first. Arriving on the local drag scene as Erica Hutton, the former San Antonian earned a reputation as an exacting chameleon by channeling everyone from Joan Crawford to Jessica Rabbit in routines that verged on performance art. Often billed as “the most beautiful drag queen in captivity,” Andrews lived life by the mantra “practice love, not labels” and cited drag mother Tandi Andrews as catalyst for a transformation that led to talk show appearances, plays, pageant victories, and roles in the films Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives and Trantasia.

2. Fonda Koxx

3. Tersa Matthews

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