Best Drag Queen

Ada Vox


Winner: Ada Vox

It's not every day we have an artist from San Antonio make regular appearances on an international recognized television show, let alone make it as far as Ada Vox did with her time on this past season of American Idol. The SA-born queen, who could be seen performing at places like Luther's off the North Main strip, was rocketed into stardom with her breathtaking performances on the show as a singing drag queen, which won praise from the likes of RuPaul herself. And it's not like this was an overnight sensation for the South San High School graduate. Ada Vox auditioned a total of thirteen times before making it as far as she did on the show, a true testament to the idea that no matter how weird or different your dream is, if you pursue it long enough, it could happen for you. It did for Ada Vox at least.

2. Tencha La Jefa

3. Lyn-z Lang Andrews

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