Best Drag Queen

WINNER: Tencha la Jefa

> With her comedic attitude and disheveled look (complete with blacked-out teeth and a wig full of rollers), Tencha la Jefa parodies drag's obsession with femininity and glamour. Through her regular gig as a Rey Lopez Entertainment (RLE) Showgirl, the Laredo transplant hosts shows headlined by queens culled from the ranks of RuPaul's Drag Race. Famously entering the world of drag on a dare, Tencha now has her sights set on the Drag Race crown. And, after two unsuccessful auditions, she's been working on a new glam look to help increase her chances when she auditions for season 10. "It's gonna be hard because people see pretty girls, glamour girls and younger girls on the show, and, in the beginning, I think the girls aren't going to get me," Tencha told our sister publication Out In SA. "Once the challenges start, I'm gonna be afraid, but I'm going to do my best and I think that I have the experience that I need to go to [the] top three."

2. Kristi Waters

3. Sasha Taylor

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