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Mike Casey

“If he ever quit dressing up, I might go home and cry,” fellow best-dressed winner Polly Lou Livingston told the Current about her longtime pal Mike Casey and his distinctive sense of style. A practicing attorney who rides a one-speed bicycle as his primary source of transportation, Casey has been called many (good) things—dandy, urban pioneer and unofficial Mayor of Southtown. So frequently is Casey seen in a vintage suit, straw hat and bowtie that some folks don’t even recognize him when he’s dressed casually. This adorable uniform has a backstory. When his dear friend Bernard Lifshutz (who co-founded Blue Star Arts Complex in the mid-1980s) passed away, Casey inherited about 20 of his suits. “In the fall and winter, most of the dress-up things [are] hand-me-downs from Bernard,” Casey told the Current. Even the famous hat has a story. As a founding member of the King William Yacht Club—which has been launching canoes in the San Antonio River every Fourth of July for the last 30 years—Casey purchased a Venetian straw boater hat from Paris Hatters. “It’s got some miles on it,” he said. “But so have I.”

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