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Extreme Escape

Winner: Extreme Escape

Multiple locations

At their heart, escape attractions are more or less the same: don't let the evil aliens or teeth-gnashing zombies devour you before your team can show off its puzzle-solving skills. With two locations in San Antonio (Colonnade and Stone Oak), Extreme Escape features eight different scenarios for participants who enjoy intense games that challenge the minds. These escape rooms include "The Undead," a scenario where players take on the roles of scientists trying to break into a bunker to retrieve a zombie antidote; "Encounter," in which players work to restore power to their spaceship before an intergalactic creature destroys them; and "Trapped Below," where players journey to the center of the earth to find a legendary treasure. By using critical thinking, players communicate with their teammates to solve clues before time runs out. Extreme Escape's website advises that "a participant may exit a live room-escape game at any time if things get too real." So rest assured, claustrophobes, the locked door is all in good fun.

2. Escape the Room

315 E. Commerce St. #100

(210) 764-4415

3. San Antonio Panic Room

12770 Cimarron Path #104

(210) 802-8958

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