Best French Restaurant


1. La Frite
728 S Alamo, (210) 224-7555,

Belgium is a tiny country on the western edge of Europe, famous for amazing French-style pastries and really good pomme frites or French fries. But it’s not France. We let your choice stand because, as does many a restaurant in Brussels or Ghent, La Frite Belgian Bistro doles out some good French cooking. They won their reputation with their steamed mussels, but for a treat with a stronger French accent, go for steak tartare. Of course, there’s loads of wine and good beer on hand, the latter our preference for washing down les frites.

2. Bistro Vatel
218 E Olmos, (210) 828-3141,

3. Bistro Bakery
4300 McCullough,

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