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Period Modern

Winner: Period Modern

4347 McCullough Ave.

(210) 902-1217

Walking into Period Modern doesn't feel like walking into a furniture store. The Olmos Park boutique comes across more like a blend between an art gallery, some hip grandparents' living room and a coffee shop — the latter may be appropriate because the store hosts music shows from time to time. Period Modern's collection of sleek and vintage Danish modern furniture is probably the first thing to draw a visitor's eye. But the store has more to offer than sleek European functionality. Scattered throughout are a variety of furniture pieces from the '50s through the '70s, not to mention a selection mid-century-appropriate art, including pieces by local creators. While the shop's vibe is upscale, it's also friendly and charming. You could probably curl up on a couch and take a nap without drawing attention. Someone might wake you up, however, if you start snoring.

2. San Antonio Furniture Finders

1805 Blanco Road

(210) 803-1900

3. Stowers Furniture

210 W. Rector St.

(210) 342-9411

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