Best Gay Bar

Bonham Exchange

Winner: Bonham Exchange

411 Bonham

(210) 224-9219

The word "institution" gets thrown around a little too easily these days, but it's no exaggeration at all to call the Bonham a San Antonio LGBTQ+ institution. Arthur "Hap" Veltman transformed this century-plus-old German social club into a gay bar in 1980, and it's continued to pack in crowds with a mix of high-energy dance music and low-priced cocktails. Despite the iconic club's clear orientation, its open-door policy has made it Party Central for a wide variety of folks, from college students and post-Battle of Flowers revelers to certain TV news anchors and occasional out-of-town celebs.

2. Heat Nightclub

1500 N. Main Ave.

(210) 227-2600

3. La Botanica

2911 N. St. Mary's St.

(210) 716-0702

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