Best Instagram Account

WINNER: Ms. Dakota Puggy


> Who could have possibly guessed that the winner of Best Instagram

Account in our readers' poll would be replete with wrinkles, her visage as flat as a pancake, bug-eyes popping out from her perpetually frowning mug ... it's a pug! Ms. Dakota Puggy, to be exact. And, yes, she's got slutty Halloween pictures wearing nothing but a nurse's cap (don't you dare shame), behind bars (she can be a naughty girl), on a leash (she's a bit of a kinkster, too), tearing up furniture (ditto) and in a plaid dress befitting a sassy waitress at a Scottish-themed sports bar, as well as videos getting sniffed from both ends by terrier pals, but she's your elected winner, dammit, so treat her (and follow her @MISSDAKOTAPUGGY) with the respect she deserves. After all, she's still in the single-digits in doggy years and has a lot of livin' to do.

2. MBP Photobooth Co.


3. Eat it, B


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