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TIE: Ryan Beltrán, co-founder of Elequa

Tim Jenison, founder of NewTek (pictured)

Elequa is a water purifying startup company that utilizes electrocoagulation, a simple, inexpensive, chemical-free process that kills bacteria and separates other water contaminants using an electric current. Beltrán, a go-getter who’s dabbled in photography, film, travel and activist causes like Occupy Wall Street, co-founded Elequa and is now working to bring affordable and clean water to families in Mexico.

Jack-of-all-trades Tim Jenison founded NewTek in 1986, which led to the development of many successful desktop video production and manipulation software. His most recent cinematic foray, the recently released Tim’s Vermeer, documented his painstaking process of recreating Johannes Vermeer’s The Music Lesson by using lenses, mirrors and a camera obscura in an attempt to prove Vermeer and his contemporaries may have used such technology to acheive their revered style.

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