Best Lesbian Bar


1. Sparky’s Pub
1416 N Main, (210) 320-5111,

You don’t have to wait for the weekend or break the bank to go clubbing. Sparky’s is open seven days a week with daily drink specials that are so dangerously cheap you may find it prudent to put a cap on pocket money and leave the cards at home. But if you want flair, it’s here: the sumptuous wine list is a hit with the ladies, the café offers light fare that won’t bloat your figure, but the talented staff and dapper crowd are the main draws, making this stalwart of the Main Strip one of the most successful night (and day) spots in town.

2.Wax Club Lounge
2211 San Pedro, (210) 379-4788,

3. Pegasus
1402 N Main, (210) 299-4222,

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