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Joaquin Abrego, interior designer


Winner: Joaquin Abrego, interior designer

From Texas A&M University-San Antonio's campus to law firm Strassburger Price's offices, Joaquin Abrego's pop art-inspired interior design projects are colorful, fun and make prominent use of patterns. The approach has made him a valuable asset to Muñoz and Co., the award-winning architecture firm where he's spent the past ten years. But that's not all he does. On the side, Abrego's found time to build up a solid book of residential clients. In addition to a variety of local work, from full-home renovations to house flips, he's also done projects as far flung as New York's Museum Tower, State Street in New Orleans and Capitol Street in D.C. Working freelance allows the designer to unlock an even more eclectic side while still exploring the love of patterns and textures that marks his commercial side. Ultimately, recognition is as much about service as it is about his aesthetic, Abrego added. "It's how you treat your client, how you treat people, that they remember about the experience."

2. Felicia Amazon, makeup artist

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