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Anthony Flores


Winner: Anthony Flores

Self-described "poet, educator, three-time [San Antonio] Grand Slam Poetry champion, daddy of two awesome humans and hardcore Spurs fan" Anthony Flores (AKA Anthony the Poet) is like a Shaolin master of the spoken word. Although he comes from a traditional poetry background, Flores, who studied at the University of Pennsylvania, discovered slam poetry and performance art by accident 18 years ago in the Alamo City. His material for his poetry runs the gamut – from Mexican food to Manu Ginobili to la migra. Flores can be found all around town performing on stage, emceeing poetry events and sporting his signature facial hair – a white beard reminiscent of something you'd see in a classic kung fu flick. Since he's such a big Spurs fan, maybe Flores would like to recite one of his older Kawhi Leonard poems at his next gig before he and Uncle Dennis get shipped off kicking and screaming to Canada. "It is now your destiny to be the go-to guy, Kawhi. And when the game is on the line, the ball is in your hands because all of San Antonio knows that in you we can rely, Kawhi." Great verse, but we're gonna need a slight rewrite before the new season starts. Good thing Kawhi rhymes with "bad guy."

2. Sean Rima

3.Darrell Pittman

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