Best Locally-Made Food Product

Ricos Cheese Sauces

Winner: Ricos Cheese Sauces

Ricos is known for a variety of ready-to-eat concession items, from peanuts and popcorn to jalapeños and chips. But its signature item is the golden-hued pourable cheese it created to pioneer concession nachos back in 1976. Founded by Italian immigrant Rosario Liberto, Ricos opened its operations in Texas in 1909, eventually relocating to San Antonio. Today, locals can take comfort and pride in seeing Ricos at events and stadiums across the world and in being able to pick it up on grocery shelves if they feel like indulging on game day or as part of a backyard party. While Ricos' appeal is that it stays in a melty state even at room temperature, locals know it's best enjoyed at molten temperatures.

2. Twang Beer Salt

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