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WINNER: The Coyote

> With a regular audience of 18,000 fans and over 12,000 followers on Twitter, the Spurs Coyote has a wide reach for his unique take on physical comedy. While the person behind the costume remains cloaked in anonymity, the Coyote is familiar to Spurs fans young and old, with a history that goes back to 1983. Before social media, the original Spurs Coyote, Tim Derk, was plucked from relative obscurity after performing in a Cole Porter music revue. Presented by Spurs brass with concepts for an armadillo and a mustached cowboy, Derk countered with the furry varmint based on his affinity for Wile E. Coyote. During his 21-year tenure as Entertainus Carnivorous, Derk appeared at over 1,110 games, averaging almost 200 community events across San Antonio each season. His playful sense of humor, spot-on timing and overlooked athleticism entertained generations of Spurs fans, before Derk hung up the fur in 2004.

"I had a good run as the Coyote," Derk told Spurs Sports and Entertainment before joining the Spurs front office later that year. "I left it all on the table. I danced on the ceiling, I jumped through fire and I managed to avoid wearing long pants for 48 years."

Today, the Coyote is a hoops icon that has traveled the globe, spreading hijinks across the hardwood and beyond. Averaging over 450 community appearances per year, it's rare to run into someone who doesn't have a Coyote story, making him, hands down, the most enduring mascot in SA.

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