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Steve Browne


Winner: Steve Browne


There are meteorologists, and then there are those who gain the vaunted title of "weather man" by bringing personality, rapport and a sprinkle of showbiz to their role. Steve Browne, who retired in June, was undoubtedly the latter. During a 25-year run on KSAT-12, Browne, with his easygoing charm and offbeat humor, felt like a familiar guest in viewers' homes. He introduced the Critter Cam, inviting viewers to share snapshots and videos of visits by local wildlife, and he nurtured the station's on-site vegetable garden, making his hobby part of nightly broadcasts and showing off ripe red tomatoes at the anchor desk. From his "human tuba" interpretation of Christmas carols to his spot-on impressions of Spurs players, Browne understood how to make memorable TV seem natural and unforced. "Steve has been so much more than a meteorologist, he's been a part of so many families and his retiring is almost like saying good-bye to a family member," KSAT General Manager Phil Lane said on the station's website when Browne announced his retirement. Apparently, a whole lot of Current readers agree.

2.Bill Taylor


3.Sarah Spivey


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