Best Mexican/Salsa

WINNER: Rosario's Mexican Café y Cantina

Multiple locations

> Yes, we could inhale Rosario's roasty salsa with a straw, no chips required. Fortunately, this is a flexible condiment, useful as an essential accompaniment to fajita nachos, as a mantle over the trio of gorditas with picadillo, chicken and refried beans and cheese, drizzled into an already flavorful sopa de tortilla and slathered all over any of the parrillas, from tripe to carnitas de puerco. OK, we probably wouldn't add it to the rajas de chile poblano. Maybe not to chicken in an already emphatic chipotle sauce, or to the enchiladas de mole — there have to be some limits. We also tend to take our fried shishito peppers straight and like to savor the delicacy of the paquetes de jicama y camaron without additional adulteration. Ditto with the chile relleno stuffed with quinoa and veggies, topped with pan-seared cauliflower and tomato-chipotle sauce. But after a few of the house's better-than-your-average-oso margaritas, who knows where that salsa might end up.


2. La Gloria

Multiple locations

3. Paloma Blanca

5800 Broadway • (210) 822-6151


2. Chuy's

Multiple locations

3. Las Palapas

Multiple locations

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