Best Movie Theater

Alamo Drafthouse

Winner: Alamo Drafthouse

Multiple locations

(210) 677-8500

There's a reason Alamo Drafthouse keeps coming out on top. Yes, the Bijou, Palladium and others have full menus and loaded bars too, but they don't hold a candle to the Drafthouse's mojo. The theater chain puts film-lovers first to make the movie-watching experience très magnifique — from the gleefully enforced no talking or texting rule to the themed food and drinks dreamed up for major film releases — and, boy howdy, do they pull it off. In addition to a full slate of the latest releases, the Drafthouse hosts regular screenings of movies that appeal to fans of all niches: '80s hits, anime blockbusters, pop-music singalongs and more. Best of all, no second spent at the Drafthouse feels wasted, even if you show up early. Each pre-show sizzle reel is filled with a selection of themed oddities dredged up by the Drafthouse's in-house movie experts to get you into the perfect mood for the main event.

2. Santikos Palladium

17703 W. Interstate 10

(210) 798-9949

3. Santikos Embassy

13707 Embassy Road

(210) 496-4957

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