Best Mural

Selena by Alan Calvo

Winner: Selena by Alan Calvo

Alamo Candy Building

1149 W. Hildebrand Ave.

San Antonio will never stop loving Selena, and the mural local artist Alan Calvo spent two weeks completing in spring of 2019 captures everything we embrace about the icon. She's in an emotive mid-belt pose and wearing her famous purple outfit. She's also depicted against a colorful Aztec background, which Calvo said is meant to showcase two important eras of Mexican culture. "I dedicate this mural to San Antonio," Calvo told the Current last year. "[So that] no matter how much construction and building development or art on buildings gets torn down, we continue to remember where we come from." 

2. The Morning After: Plan A by Eva Marengo Sanchez

North St. Mary's Strip

3. Essex Modern City by various artists

Essex Modern City

51 Essex St.

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