Best New Bar

Still Golden Social House


Winner: Still Golden Social House

1900 Broadway St.,(210) 616-2212

A celebratory funeral week was held when Stay Golden Social House, Still Golden's predecessor, closed its doors in June of 2017. And less than a year later, the quasi-new Still Golden has filled that glove-shaped hole left by the beloved bar, and then some.

A few more dollars were tossed into design, and the area's premier patio bar now serves as a beacon (no, really, they have more bar neon than we care to count) that draws in young and old for a night of hedonism down Grayson. They've upgraded rasquache charm that belied the original location for a sleek patio, a bustling game room with all the favorites, lots more screens and plenty of indoor space filled with chilly HVAC air. Still Golden, still neci@, and that was enough to earn them this year's Best New Bar award.

2. Groove House

12333 West Ave.

(210) 598-2083

3. Slackers

multiple locations

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