Best Personal Trainer

1. Drew Bignall
Mission CrossFit San Antonio, 827 E Rector, (210) 865-9348,

Drew Bignall, founder of Mission CrossFit San Antonio, started as a personal trainer in 2009 with a desire to help people move past their fears of failure and become skilled athletes. He offers positivity and encouragement with a focus on technical ability and personal achievements. People come to Bignall in all stages of physical ability, including amputees and injured military personnel. Watching people succeed and accomplish their goals drives Bignall to motivate his clients. As he said, “the more you can motivate people, the more results you see.”

2. Jennifer Trimmier
(210) 445-0448,

3. Julia Karlstad
JK Fitness, 3603 Paesanos Pkwy.,
(210) 388-0989,

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