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Alamo Records & Sheet Music
125 Broadway, (210) 212-4200

Located among several centuries’ worth of cultural detritus, Alamo Records & Sheet Music sits in a corner of Alamo Antique Mall’s top floor, patiently awaiting vinyl collectors and devotees of pop cultures past. With thousands of records pouring off the shelves and onto the floors, Alamo Records caters to the purest of record nerds, thrilled by the chase of perusing vaguely categorized vinyl stacks. For budget shoppers, Alamo tends to make up its fairly priced tags for their mid-tier releases—we recently picked up a knockoff Blue Note of Herbie Hancock’s Inventions and Dimensions for $8. But for the cream of the unorganized crop, expect a deep wound in your wallet, with original pressings of Beatles’ records reaching the triple digits. An impressive library of jazz, blues, country and oldies-station pop, Alamo Records is the place to itch that analog scratch. A word to the wise: It’s best to call ahead—like their organization, there’s some strange logic to their hours.

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