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Winner: FLOAT

4535 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 201, (210) 562-3310,

FLOAT gives San Antonians the opportunity to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating properties of the next big self-care trend: sensory deprivation tanks. Although the name sounds like it came right out of a science fiction show (Stranger Things, anyone?), the pampering experience found within the facility's soundproof tanks is the real deal. Guests of the spa can float their busy, day-to-day lives away on a buoyant mixture of water and Epsom salt as they listen to the sound of relaxing music and relieve stress on their circulatory systems. As the water maintains a constant temperature of 93.5 degrees, the same temperature as our bodies, floaters will experience the tranquility of a no-distractions environment free of stimulation and touch. The treatment is said to lower the body's production of adrenaline while heightening dopamine and endorphin levels, increasing a person's overall positivity and brain function. FLOAT has given the gift of relaxation to numerous stressed individuals, most notably veterans and active duty military members living with PTSD.

2. Skin Bliss Health and Wellness Spa

8600 Wurzbach Road

(210) 461-0477

3. Stripped Skincare

999 East Basse Road

(210) 716-0444

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