Best Place to Sober Up



Winner: Whataburger

multiple locations,

Oh, Whataburger. How us Texans love you so. From being a space where folks rip MAGA hats off folks' heads to a place where drag queens have photo shoots, you always have been and forever will be that late night eatery that satiates our post-bar, post-concert or post-party food cravings. Yeah, you've been there for us. Dare we call you our best friend, Whataburger? We Über to you when we're too drunk to drive, so that we can sober up and figure out where we left our car and who the fuck we're hanging out with, 'cause do you know this person buying me french fries? I don't. Anyway, Whataburger, thanks for being you. We love you. Sincerely, San Antonio.

2. Luther's Cafe

1503 N Main Ave.

(210) 223-7727

3. Home

you know – your home

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