Best Radio Host

Billy Madison

Winner: Billy Madison

The Billy Madison Show, KISS-FM

If getting people riled up is a virtue — and in the age of hate-clicks, boy is it ever — then 99.5 KISS-FM morning mainstay Billy Madison is doing some serious virtue signaling. The guy who brought you the "dudes only" screening of that shitty 3-D Metallica movie is obviously going to thrive in a world where "speaking your mind" functions as a high five and a loosely acceptable excuse for un-PC rants. Recent Madison bits have included asking listeners what sort of reward they would require to cut off their "dingy" and an in-studio chest waxing. Past antics have included a showdown with NBA legend Charles Barkley over calling San Antonio ladies "fat." If listening to Madison, who enjoys national syndication, has you feeling like you're living in the past, well, the show did celebrate its seventh anniversary early in 2019 with a Disturbed and Three Days Grace concert.

2. Dana Cortez

The Dana Cortez Show, Energy 94.1 FM

3. Rita Hernandez

Inspiration4Life, internet radio

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