Best Radio Talk-Show Host

1. Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo
WOAI 1200 AM,

Looking for Bill O’Reilly-grade conservatism with some Glenn Beck passion, just without all the spittle and tears? Look no further than Clear Channel’s Joe Pagliarulo. Sure, he’ll tear down the liberal nanny state with the best of ‘em, but Pags does it with a bit more wit, congeniality, and style. San Antonio is glad to see Pags pull through his battle with testicular cancer, his humor clearly unscathed. “If someone wanted to argue with me, I’d say, ‘But I have cancer!” he joked with the Houston Chronicle. “People would tell me to ‘have a ball.’”

2. Billy Madison
KISS 99.5 FM,

3. Mike Taylor
KTKR 760 AM,

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