Best Record Store

Hogwild Records

Winner: Hogwild Records

1824 N. Main St.

(210) 733-5354

Hogwild Records has been an important player in SA's music scene for decades. The store, located across from San Antonio College, provided the indie alternative to big chains like Sound Warehouse in the '80s and Best Buy in the '90s. These days, though, Hogwild is the designated survivor. In an era when record stores are dying and rock music's cultural cachet has decreased markedly, the shop is still flying the flag for releases and bands too heavy, too confrontational or just too fucking weird to earn a spot at Hot Topic. Vinyl has enjoyed a well-publicized resurgence in the past 10 years or so, and Hogwild naturally has that market cornered. But its well-stocked vinyl racks aren't a response to a national trend. Instead, they're a well-worn bulwark against trends. In the days when vinyl could be found exclusively in used bins, Hogwild proudly stocked everything from 7-inch singles to LPs. If the world finally caught up, that's cool, but ultimately of no consequence. Sometimes being different means not being different. If the game is consistent quality, it's no wonder Hogwild keeps clearing the board.

2. Southtown Vinyl

1010 S. Flores St. #120

(210) 231-0512

3. Flipside Record Parlor

840 S.W. Military Dr.

(210) 923-7811

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