Best Restaurant for Special Diets

Staff Pick

WINNER: Pharm Table Restaurant

106 Auditorium Circle • (210) 802-1860

Leave any inhibitions at the door when entering the Radius Building. No, this won't look like your typical restaurant, and that's a good thing. Instead, Pharm Table adds rustic tables and homey touches to a decidedly funky space that serves as the near-perfect ambience for chef Elizabeth Johnson's foray into Ayurvedic healing and feeding. Now, before you turn up your nose, have a look at the menu.

Even most well-versed foodies will struggle to identify half of the items listed. Johnson and her tiny staff use as many local ingredients as possible, while trying to replicate dishes and flavors found in the world's blue zones, or areas where people tend to live longest. You won't find dairy, sugar or gluten in any of the starters, soups, salads, combos, plates or bowls, but you will find new ways to enjoy beets, jicama, carrots and more, served using techniques you might never have imagined. The kitchen is essentially vegan (Pharm Table uses only nut milks for creamy dressings and desserts), but this is Texas and Johnson knows animal proteins will keep her growing clientele sated. Stop in for a kitcheri bowl of sprouted rice, lentils and spices commonly used in Indian and South Asian cooking or load up on roasted veggie tacos on corn tortillas with carrot salsa, but not before noshing on the (optional and $2) Ayurvedic meal starter of pickled ginger, lemon juice, raw honey, mineral salt and fresh herbs. You'll be glad you did.

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