Best Smoke Shop

WINNER: Planet K

Multiple locations

> The Texas stoner staple features a plethora of pipes, one-hitters, vapes, Medusa-like hookahs and bongs of all shapes and sizes. You can always buy your Tinkerbell-delicate bodega bowls from the local family-owned convenience store, but you can't also pick up an issue of High Times, Low Rider, Barely Legal, a French tickler, novelty penis straw or discreet giant black dildo, now can you? Whether you need to restock on hair oil for your dreads, tattoo needles for your gun, plugs for your scenester kid sister, black lights for your "chill room," papers for the dude on the couch, potions to fix your cloudy piss or nag champa for your crusty roommate, there's one place that's got it all, and they're open late: 420-friendly hours.

Tell 'em Mary sent-cha. Mary ... Jane. Don't really say that. Or talk about weed at all, for that matter. That shit's illegal, and they'll kick your narc ass out.

2. TIE: Monster Vape

Multiple locations

Smokerz Paradize

Multiple locations

3. The Pipe Corner

727 S. Alamo St., Suite 200 • (210) 263-9729

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