Best Sports Bar


Winner: Slackers

Multiple locations

The three-bar Slackers chain apparently holds a commanding lead when it comes to folks who like getting boozy while they watch sports — or play sports of the indoor variety. Each Slackers location features a dozen large-format flatscreen TVs airing anything from football and hoops to soccer and cycling plus a bad-ass sound system. For those not content just to be spectators, however, the bars also offer the chance to play Soccer Pool on what the chain bills as a life-size pool table and Floor Board on a massive shuffleboard square. If those sound a little too physical, there's always pool, beer pong, air hockey and other diversions. The bars are also stocked with vintage arcade games ranging from NBA Jam to Mortal Kombat 2, and an impressive beer list. Just a word of warning, however: your motor skills may not be at their best after you've slammed back a few cold ones.

2. Cover 3

1806 N. 1604 West

(210) 479-9700

3. Ticket Sports Pub

420 E. Houston St.

(210) 222-9722

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